Secrets of the Darkness

All creatures forced come to here discover the secrets that lie deep within themselves.
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PostSubject: Mika,Jasmine   Mika,Jasmine Icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 6:36 pm

Secrets of Darkness Application
Mika,Jasmine Elf_43967_2460x3390theAnimeGalleryc
[†††Jasmine Mika†††]
◊The Entrance◊
“Who are you?” “I’m Canada…”
◊ First Name: Jasmine
◊Middle Name: {If desired}
◊Last Name:Mika
◊Gender: Female
◊Age: {18} {{500}}
◊Species: Elf
◊ Occupation:Huntress
◊Sexual Orientation:Bi

○The Looks○
“Mr. Kumakichi, what can I do to make them notice me?” “Hm… You should try to look more Canadian!”

○ Hair: {Blonde and long}
○ Eyes: Emerald Green
○ Skin: {tan and smooth}
○ Height: 5'3"
○ Style of Clothing: dresses or tank top's anything she finds comfortable pretty much.
○Miscellaneous: tattoos. She has four tattoos. One on each arm, one on her hip and one on her face.

†The Powers†
“Germany, I may not be strong, but I’m cute. Please don’t forget about me…”
†Special Ability: The inability to miss her target. She was born with this ability and it killed her sister but she has learned to use it well. She will not harm anyone unless given reason to but she is a huntress so she uses her ability often.
†Weapon: A bow and arrows that are flame resistant. The only way she can get more arrows is if she makes them. She can only use arrow that she made if not then she will miss her target.
†Element: Fire

□The Facade□
“Um… America? Because we look alike, everyone thinks I’m you. Would you reconsider being the jerk of the world, for my sake?”
□Personality: Jasmine has a very cold personality to everyone at first but that is because she is a huntress. When she gets to know you she is a very kind and loving girl. When she is alone she will sing to the animals and birds and plants. Also she will practice her shooting.When in a big crowd she becomes very nervous unless there is someone she knows well.
□Likes: Animals,singing, and her element.
□Dislikes: Meat, to much water.
□Bad Habit(s): Being to rude and inconsiderate

ⱡ The Lineageⱡ
“Would you stop with your hug therapy already?!” “I’ll never understand Catholics…”
ⱡBirthday: April 9th
ⱡParentage: unknown
ⱡSiblings: Twin sister named Hikari (diseased but may come back an angel)
ⱡChildren: A daughter named Nicole ((She is 16))
ⱡHistory: Jasmine was born and raised in the elven kingdom. When she was still little she shot and killed her twin sister Hikari. She wasn't told it was her who had killed her for several years but when she was told she ran away. Before she ran away she had a very high rank in the kingdom. She was the best Archer they had and had been promoted to huntress at age 13. After she had run away the kingdom had been attacked and she had come back to apologize for running away but all she could find was the bodies of her friends family and partners. She was absolutely devastated. She ran back to where she had hidden in the forest and began to hunt down the people who had killed her friends,family,and partners including her husband. Before she had run away though she had become pregnant with her daughter Nicole. After Nicole was born she fled the forest and stumbled upon several other places and for 16 years she wandered untill she and her daughter came to this place. They licked it here so they stayed.

Inspired by the application of Lost Generations and Forest of Secrets
All rights belong to their respective creators
All quotes are from Hetalia Axis Powers© by Funimation, Studio Deen and Himaruya Hidekaz
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PostSubject: Re: Mika,Jasmine   Mika,Jasmine Icon_minitimeFri Mar 18, 2011 6:15 pm

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