Secrets of the Darkness

All creatures forced come to here discover the secrets that lie deep within themselves.
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 Saintclaire, Luna

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PostSubject: Saintclaire, Luna   Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:35 pm

Secrets of Darkness Application


[†††Lina Bavaldi Saintclaire†††]
◊The Entrance◊
“Who are you?” “I’m Canada…”
◊ First Name: Luna
◊Middle Name: Bavaldi
◊Last Name: Saintclaire
◊Gender: female
◊Age: {17} {{17}}
◊Species: Wolf Demon
◊ Occupation:
◊Sexual Orientation:

○The Looks○
“Mr. Kumakichi, what can I do to make them notice me?” “Hm… You should try to look more Canadian!”

○ Hair: With hair the color of raven feather, Luna usually keeps it down natural but can sometimes be found wearing her hair tied up on the sides of her head.
○ Eyes: Luna's eyes are peircing cyan blue but they turn red when she shifts to her wolf form.
○ Skin: Luna has fair skin and a flawless complextion
○ Height: 5'8"
○Weight: 135
○ Style of Clothing: Luna is gothic, therefore her clothe reflect that. She's often seen in tight, dark black jeans, a red t-shirt, and black knee high boots. She always wears a black choker her mother gave to her before Luna was kidnapped.
○Miscellaneous: Luna has a tattoo of a Koi Fish on her left thigh, just above the back of her knee.

†The Powers†
“Germany, I may not be strong, but I’m cute. Please don’t forget about me…”
†Special Ability: Luna can summon beasts forged from frigid ice. However, depending how big and how powerful the creature is, it saps some of her strength, thus the bigger the creature, the more power is drained from her. These of course, are weak against fire attacks. They can be used to inflict damage or sheild her and her allies.
†Weapon: Luna weilds a long, blue bladed spear that has been passed down through her family for generation upon generation.
†Element: Ice

□The Facade□
“Um… America? Because we look alike, everyone thinks I’m you. Would you reconsider being the jerk of the world, for my sake?”
□Personality: At first glance, Luna is intimidating and a bit frightening due to her apperance being as dark as it is. But if the truth be told, she's very kind and a good person over all. She loves to have and make friends, she believes that the messure of a good person is not by how much power they have but the number of friends they have. But, she does have her moments where she preffers to be alone, to listen to her music and to play with some of the local wild life (they seem to like her).
But if you get her mad, she just might send a massive icey beast towards your head, this sweet little flower, becomes an omen of danger. She has a bit of a short temper, and is set off by things like people picking on the innocent, and being called 'wolfy'. But besides that, she's gentle and caring, willing to die for those she cares about and loya to the very bitter end.
□Likes: Music (the louder the better), animals, spending time with friends (also the louder the better)
□Dislikes: Animal abusers, thunder
□Bad Habit(s): Muttering lyrics to songs she likes while people are talking and she's bored

ⱡ The Lineageⱡ
“Would you stop with your hug therapy already?!” “I’ll never understand Catholics…”
ⱡBirthday: May, 30
ⱡParentage: Mother: Veronica Saintclaire Father: Joshua Saintclaire (Both currently living in germany, close to Cornellia)
ⱡSiblings: Older sister: Cornellia Saintclaire (currently living in Germany, 19)
ⱡHistory: It was cold, Luna Saintclaire was not were she was supposed to be. She as alone, scared, and even...lost.
It wasn't like this before, Luna's life had begun like everyone else's, she was born into a loving family, her life was as normal as the life of a wolf demon could be. But it wasn't long before Luna's eyes were opened, to a word that was not pretty. On a cold, winters evening, Luna, Cornellia, and their mother were walking through the forest, Luna being only 13 and getting used to shifting in and out of her wolf form. just as her mother's back was turned, a human poacher grabbed Luna, a loud yip escaping her throat. Luna's mother lunged at the man, but she was smacked down by an enormous black dog. Luna barked, calling out to her sister, but she was caught in a snare trap the poacher had set earlier that day. Burning tears of fear trailed down Luna's fur as her unconsious mother became smaller and smaller to Luna's veiw. the poacher threw Luna into a crate and locked the steel door shut. Rolling her head back, Luna let out a heart breaking howl into the air just as it began to snow.
The next year trugged on and on for Luna, she was brought to a dog fighting ring and was forced to fight every other day. The hatred for her captuers grew even more every day, to the point where a white hot ball of furry sat in the pit of Luna's aching heart. After a long year, she'd finally had enough, and something snapped. When her captuer came to take her to the fighting ring, she lunged and managed to bite his wrist, breaking a few bones. Still being pretty small, she ducked and weaved by the other men and through a hole in the wall crawled out into the snow. After a safe distance, she shifted back into her human form, forgetting what it felt like to walk on two legs. She began walking, having no idea where to go, or even where she was. Nearly five hour later, she collapsed, her fingers numb and the threat of hypothermia dangerously high. Her last, blurring sight, was a figure walking towards her before she blacked out from exhaustion and hunger.
All at once Luna felt warm, her throbbing eyes opened and she winced at the bright light hanging above. It took a moment, but she remembered that she'd at long last escaped that vile prison she spent that long year in. Slowly she sat up, and held her head as it throbbed softly.
"Oh, good you're finally awake! I was getting a little worried dear"
Slowly, Luna turned her head and saw an older looking woman, her hair beginnig to grey at the ends.
"Who are you, and how did I get here?"
"My name's is Jenna, I found you poor thing outside in the freezing snow while I was gathering fire wood for the night. I brought you back here as a huge blizzard began to roll in. I'm just glad you're alright."
Luna looked at her bandeged hands, her paws hvaing been badly injured during the fights, most of the time she was fighting for her life.
"Thank you, Jenna. My name is Luna, thank you so much for saving me."
"No problem dear, as soon as your back to your old self, you can go on your way. It's getting closer to spring now, so it's warming up, you should be alright to travel in a few days."
Jenna walked over and handed Luna a warm mug of tea, which Luna took and drank greatfully.
After nearly ten days healing, Luna thanked Jenna once again and headed off in search of home. For nearly three years she wandered from town to town, taking odd jobs in order to provide for herself. On her sixteenth birthday, she at long last tracked down her family, and burst into tears to know they were all alright. Atlast she came here and a sense of salvation over flowed her. Her disiccion to stay was final, she finally felt at peace.

Inspired by the application of Lost Generations and Forest of Secrets
All rights belong to their respective creators
All quotes are from Hetalia Axis Powers© by Funimation, Studio Deen and Himaruya Hidekaz

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PostSubject: Re: Saintclaire, Luna   Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:52 pm

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Saintclaire, Luna
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